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MiseryLogoHowdy, fellow Stalkers!
Tired of wandering around in the sunshine, lookin’ for some anomaly hopscotch?
Can’t go further the base, ‘cuz your pockets already full of candies?
!!Nao Moar!!

So what’s the matter with the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games? Yes, they’re still crap, but some of us just love it.
And what happens, when a team decides to make an overhaul? We’re freakin’ out!
I’m still waiting for the greatest overhaul for the brand, called “Lost Alpha”, but by the time, an another king showed up!

This one, called the; MISERY.
It offered me the rare opportunity to see my beloved game in its true concept, that was harder challange for the developers itself.
As its title says, we’re speaking about a “Full Concept Modification”, aka Overhaul. Witch means every important feature has been ajusted and upgraded.
When I finally managed to download the 3Gb data, and doubleclicked on the exe shortcut, I’ve met with a really cool and unique menu, where the guys
reedited most of everything. It suits the game mutch better, feels authentic.
I’ve adjusted the graphic details, the controls, and selected “RECON” as a base actor profile.
Okay, let’s start! — Loading crash.
Again! Crash!
Again! Crash!
Crash! Crash!

Wasn’t a good start, I have to admit…
Gone back with the DX10 details on simple High, and it helped, more-or-less. The problem was with the readable RAM space I think, because xRayEngine can’t handle more than 3Gb of it… So good I have 8!
So, there is a normal and a backway to enter the Zone. Don’t know what I’ve chosed finally, but it put me in the hands of evil mercenaries… Still better than a bunch of snorks, when I had 3 clips of VZ.61 Skorpion  mags and a half broken gas mask above a sweater… This was the first moment of realising the truth about this mod… What kind of USSR soldier goes into the deadly Zone without real equipment? Let’s say I was on the way earlier, and I’m deep undercover (with an iron-crossed KGB ID in my pocket…), or just lost my stuff last night losing at poker…
It was a rush to the board of Skadovsk, where my adventures began.

After going straight to the main objectives, I’ve realised I’m just a piece of meat out there, and my ass will be a nice burger meat for the mutants very very soon…
Okay then, let’s get an equipment! Oh wait, what the hell are these one slot items? How damn mutch they are?! YEeek!
So, there is a LOT of new items in this mod. Most of them are the same, just different variations. As weapons are, but at least there are visual and animation changes. Not good ones, but at least something new.
There are a normal, a worn, a modern, and a custom variation of each. This is really cool! And there are no huge differences between the effectiveness, maybe none on 100% condition. Just pure look. Awesome!
(Shit in the Soup: the weapon textures & models are blocky and cheap)
I’ve went to Kardan, maybe some modifications will be cheaper than a whole new equipment… No, it wasn’t…
The cost of repairing a low condition item is around 150% of its original price, better to buy a brand new one. I don’t really understand this kind of logic, because Kardan would have mutch better quality vodka if he works on fine prices, making us keeping & customizing our things instead of throwing old ones away and buying new ones… Never mind, he don’t even have tools for his job anyway…
We have, but its not working…

*Sigh* All right, let’s do some job…
Problem was, these are meant to be fought, not to chit-chat. The way was deadly anyway; the same issue occoured, and I wasn’t really able to keep up shooting with an all-time jamming equipment against anything.
I don’t know why, but normal looking Stalkers started to shoot me without any reason. Even tried to put my gun away (that I can swing in Skadovsk without problem?!), but didn’t solved the problem.
There is an option in the menu for HC NPC Aim On or Off. When it’s off, the Ai behaves like a console COD player, aiming long and searching for the best place to shoot from. Throwing away our weapon does not stopping them… And when its On as basic, they crash the trigger ASAP, then you can shoot them in the butt. Usual PC Cod player NPCs. The chose is yours, its a really nice feature.
After 100 death and 100 quickload, I’ve realised that I’m killing you fellow Stalkers! How lame is that! But wait… It’s profitable! Sweet Sweet Artifacts, omnomnomnom >.<
I wasn’t able pickpocket their wallet…

Plan “C”, Beware Artifacts! I’m comming!!
Decided to keep it low and “safe”. I knew the possible artifact locations there, but I had to be very quick and smart. Witch means, it was a quickgrab, then fooling with the stupid AI…
This one worked more or less, but random people still haunted me, and when a mad novice sniped me in the back of my head with a worn makarov, hundred meters away, I gave up for that night.
The next times I used my most epic mother-screws. I have to tell, it wasn’t easy to manouver between the anomalies, because the conditions drained my HP in seconds, and it wasn’t anything like I saw at Taryn.
Maybe its simple bugged at me, and its not my fault then. At least I’ve tried hard to avoid death.
The visuals of gas mask lenses are cool, but their design are amateur. The True Zone guys did not care how mutch the mod playable when we see real badly after the first little damage we take? Even the falling damage destroys our equipment greatly, lol…

Rubel, Rubel, Rubel, Most be handy, in the the Stalker’s world.
 “Life is complicated; I killed people, smuggled people, sold people.”
I’ve made a nice fortune by hard play, and wasted it easy on a brand new high quality equipment.
Today, I’m looking ahead of the rest of the story. Since there won’t be new features in the further gameplay, I’m able to share my conclusion about this overhaul;

The guys at True Zone did a real good job on Misery 2.0
They showed us how the game should been released years ago.
Only problem is: no one can build a castle on a mountain of shit.
Hurts or not, but xRayEngine is one of the worst existing, and it’s not really more than a plugin collection to seem smart.
It sure did not helped our modders to make proper models & animation, as they did not made even…
This kind of Zone looks cold and deadly, but did not achieved further points of gaming experience.

Thank you True Zone, you’ve tried, tried it hard.
I wish you would have mutch better base to start with…

… and now;

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