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Name: Fórizs Bence
Game Designer

My Motivation:

Besides I love video games, and also perform in them very well, I even want to improve the quality of the contents. I want to know it as my vocation to take care of the customer’s gaming experience, and as far as possible, to ensure a dynamic development of the market system, which maximizes profits for the firm employing me – while customers are fully satisfied.
I believe it is very possible to build up a system construction that inspires people to pay multiple times for a product without forcing them, and they’ll even enjoy this opportunity.
It is my passion to design games/features that are outstanding amongst all the others.

Projects / Contributions:

The following list contains mods and outworked ideas mostly, – that aims to improve quality and better gaming experience. My mods has a common ambition; least to double the gaming experience.

Bigger successes:

  • Bethesda: TES: Skyrim – “Death Snow Skyrim Overhaul” (WIP)
    (Hybernated project, but released in with other name and lesser quality.)
  • ArenaNet, Inc Project:  “Guild Wars 2″150+ ideas shared, honored with special rewards. “WWW-PVE Cross Support System” for Guild Wars 2.
    For Guild Wars 1 & 2 I’ve made nearly 200 developed and justified ideas as proposal I sent out a developer team. Quite a lot to be realized over time, and some even became special features. Complete systems development have proved how a new generation MMO at a time can be the most profitable for the company, because it is the most fun for customers.. >> Link
  • RockStar: I’ve made documentations for each GTA games about the most expected elements of the series. At GTA IV + EFCL, GTA V + Online – The new „Online” will contain most of the points I found important to have & informed RockStar about it.
    I made the best handling configurations for modded cars – told by the gaming community.
  • Ravensoft: JK3: Jedi Academy
    • 150+ Skin
    • Configurations (Script)
    • 15,000 to 35,000, one by one shaped and textured “brush” made, designed by studies, optimalised, Huge „Maps”. (~300 hours/each)
    • I led the biggest and so-called best „LugorMod” server, where players of different nations played together in 0/24h, using my mods and works.
  • GSC: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. – For all piece of the trilogy I made unique and realistic configurations, fixed its bugs, retextured with self-shot photos.
    • I’m leading the Hungarian STALKER LARPs, which has grown to 140 visitor/event by just 3 years.
  • Bethesda: Fallout 3 & NV: Huge retexture work, lore balance (script), FWE Mod support.
  • CryTek GMBH.: Continuesly feedbacks on their projects. At Crysis, looks like they don’t pay attention at all, the bad international ratings is just another point for me.
    After I had an opportunity to speak about my vision of the future FPS games, they made „Warface” – 5 million user just in Russia.
  • Addition to these, I’m studying the effects, problems, deficiencies, players behavior, reactions and desires of games & gamers – for over 8 years.
  • There are a lot of popular Mod using my works and suggestions.
    (Studies, testing, suggestions, outworks, texting, map design, etc.)
    • “ONION” Anti-Cheat System Patent for FPS games.
    • Fromann Richárd (ELTE Szociológia Doktori Iskola Phd-hallgató) – MMORPG Szociológiai kutatás.
    • PlayIT Show

Usually, I see that my ideas won high praise and I know that my ideas could issue a more valuable product,
however, there always some “troll” who try to ruin my works.

My aim is not only to develop competitive products, but to dominate the market.



  • PGL Awards – “Professional Gamer”
  • JKA EU Championship place 4th in team “Slave1”

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